The Night before the Trip

Going on a week long road trip is so exciting that sometimes we travellers forget how important it is to prepare for the road.  All sorts of things can happen so it is important to pack accordingly.  It’s almost 9pm and I am sitting at my dining room trying to decide what fits best for this adventure.  Here are some guidelines for a good trip.

Pack a few days in advance

I usually have all of my camping gear in my car already but it’s always a good Idea to take everything out of the car that you do not need!  I’m ditching the heavy folding chairs and bringing half the amount of clothes that I would bring on a regular trip because any extra baggage makes it difficult to find things!  Just bring the essentials and don’t go nuts if its an outdoor excursion with things you may not need.

Be aware of the elements!

I’m from Saskatoon which is a beautiful city and it gets pretty hot in the summer.  My trip to Kelowna last year was a kick to the system, I had never expected to burn like that in my life.  Nightlife was great downtown but during the day I went and watched Suicide Squad and then had dinner at a Milestones which had a mist spraying continuously in the air.  I was amazed.

In the mountains it can be freezing at night and hot during the day and continuously raining so don’t be a hero thinking your hoodie is gonna do the trick.  Pack for rain, heat and cold.  Also, make sure you have the right shoes, it was hilarious watching my boyfriend ski down the mountain at Grassy Lake, Alberta in his Vans skater shoes.  It’s good for a laugh but we learned our lesson.

This year its burning pretty bad in B.C. so I kept that in mind while making my road trip map.  You can see on the weather network where the fires are and where the smoke is the worst.  Unfortunately, I’m skipping Kelowna this time. Sadface.

Get a good nights sleep

Remember that the road ahead is unknown and you are leaving your comfort zone.  Take this time to appreciate your home and comfy bed because, you wont be seeing it for awhile!

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