Johnston Canyon: Banff National Park

IMG_8601Nipi is how you say “water” in Cree.

Water is a sacred and strong force that can carve rock over thousands of years.  Johnston Canyon is proof of the power that water has over it’s environment.  The air here is crisp and the trees are so tall that they hide the sun.  The “nipi” is so clear that you can see the stones underneath the flowing rapids and they form a mosaic of natural color throughout the hike to the falls.  If you are looking for a moderately easy walk along an accessible path this is the place for you.  The walk to the falls is about 2 hours if you pace yourself and stop to take pictures every few minutes like I do.  There is also a nice cozy restaurant you can go eat at if you start early enough for your walk.  The campsites are pretty nice but i would advise that you book early because in summer all of Banff is booked!

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