The Bluest Waters and Valley of Ten Peaks

IMG_8750 2

Moraine Lake in Banff Alberta is is glacier fed lake nestled in between several mountains.  Here you can take a few different hikes through this valley to see the lake and surrounding areas.  From the high vantage point at the end of the rocky stairway you can see the mountains, forests and gorgeous blue waters.  I took a few pictures and then sat on the rocks for about a half an hour with my boyfriend to enjoy the beauty of the bluest waters I have ever seen in my life.  It was truly breathtaking and one of my top moments for the road trip we were taking.  It was pretty windy up there so I suggest ya’ll bring a sweater or jacket for this walk and some really grippy shoes.  It’s only a ten minute walk up the tower of rock and there are very well made steps.  Make sure to bring your own water and snacks if you come here, one 500 ml bottle of water cost me $5.25 (ca).  There are also hiking trails all over the area and a cute gift shop where they sell name brand jackets and warm clothing in case you forgot your own but still are expensive.  This place is breathtaking and a perfect stop for lone travellers, couples and families alike.IMG_8744 2

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