Why did the ghost go to meetings? He was addicted to BOO’s…


This picture was taken at the base of a waterfall in YOHO national Park in B.C.  There was hardly anyone there at 10 am and the sun was so bright I had to wear my University of Saskatchewan ball cap.  That day had been especially hard because It was on our way back home, which always gets to me.  I always want to keep wandering but the reality is that I have to go back to Saskatoon and finish the degree I started.  Much of this adventure was spent climbing things and we tried to climb all the way up these falls but it got pretty slippery.  For some reason I had been feeling kind of lonely that day and was staring into the mist, at the flowing water and mountain top.  The flowing water seems to put you in a trance and this picture really encapsulated that feeling.  When your thinking becomes nothing but water flowing over rocks and mist floating over mountains you can start to believe that no one is more lonely than the tip of the mountain and it is your job to go and give it company.

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