About Me: Lilly

There is something special about venturing into the unknown and exploring the world.  It makes me feel like the world is mine, something to share with my community in intimate detail.  I have been travelling since I was a kid, sitting in my father’s van while he drove into the starry night as I fell asleep to the sounds of rain pattering the roof or feeling the rhythm of bumps in the road.  I feel like travelling is in my blood as I am a Cree person and that was a way of life for many of my ancestors.  The correct name for my people is Nêhiwayak which translates to “the people of four”.  I want to share some of my indigenous knowledge with the world because it seems like now we need that ancient knowledge more than ever.  Come join me for this journey.  Tiniki, Thank you.

Just let go and make your own rules

I’m 29 years old and I am from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada.  For years I have been travelling just for the thrill of leaving behind everything and exploring.  I’m not only interested in traveling but I want to know about the places that I am visiting whether they are tourist destinations or one of the many abandoned places that I like to visit.  It’s been a wild few years and I’m going out and making my own adventure.  I’m an archaeology major in my fourth year as well so I’ll be sharing many of the pre historic sites that I find on my journey’s.  I’m nehiyaw as well so I’ll be sharing my culture with you as well.  I hope you have as much fun as I do. I am going on an epic adventure and have decided to make a legit travel blog. You can follow me and see some of the best destinations in central and western Canada and I will let you know what the experience is like first hand as well as tell you the prices of this trip so maybe you will go on an adventure yourself. I hope to see some beautiful western rainforests, awe inspiring mountains and walking some back breaking trails. We are also going to visit ghost towns, abandoned insane asylums and some dark wet caves. Thanks for joining and see you on the road!